Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Facts You Should Know About Turkish Coffee.

To Make a really delicious, authentic frothy Turkish coffee is a skill that not everyone can master. The Turks found the Turkish coffee back in the 16th century, and it has been in the Turkish culture for over 450 years. For example, when a young couple has fallen in love, and made the decision to spend the rest of their lives together, the male must tell his family that they are going to the females parents house and ask for the girls hand in marriage. This is the hard part for the male, but it is not all one sided. The girl has to impress the boys parents with a fine authentic Frothy Turkish Coffee on her own, for them to then ask for her hand in marriage. It is also used for fortunes to be read. They must drink the coffee, and right at the end there is stil some thick coffee left in it. Once this is present, you must turn the cup over and wait for it to go cold. Once it is cold, a very skillful person can read your fortune! Many Hotels Promote this fine Turkish delicacy by having a turkish coffee stand in the lobby with a waiter dressed in traditional attire serving fine Turkish coffee.

How Is It Made?

The thing that makes Turkish coffee different from other coffees is its cup. It can only be used for Turkish coffee. There is also an instrument that can be used only for turkish coffee which is called a cezve. You must pour a turkish coffee cup of water in the cezve, plus a teaspoon of very fine coffee, and the amount of sugar you require: for little sugar half a teaspoon, fair amount of sugar 1 teaspoon, for a sweet turkish coffee a teaspoon and a half. You must put this on a very low heat for it to froth, which should take a good 10 minutes minimum. Then, once it has frothed you must take away from the heat 2-3 times. Once you have done this, the coffee is ready to be served. First, you must only fill up to half of the coffee cup.this is so froth in the cup can be formed. Then, you must pour the remainder in the cezve into the cup after 20-30 seconds. The bit at the bottom is called Telve. It should not be consumed.

How Should It Be Served?

A Turkish Coffee is served with a glass of water to clean the palette to enjoy the exquisite taste of a fine Turkish Coffee.

The Turkish Coffees Special Features:
  • Even Today, is prepared using the worlds oldest methods.
  • It is made up of Froth, Coffee and Telve
  • Because of the soft, velvety taste, The Taste of coffee is the longest lasting in the world.
  • It is more consistent and aromatic than any other coffees in the world.
  • There is no other coffee like it, because there is no need for a filter due to the Tilve at the bottom
  • Because you add the sugar in with the coffee in the Cezve, there is no need to ADD sweetners or sugars, once finished. There is no sugary taste in the original aroma either, just a plain softened coffee.
Enjoy Your Turkish Coffee :))

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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hotel in Oludeniz, Turkey ... Hotel Asena Beach

In our first article in our blog that's been created in the name of Hotel Asena Beach Oludeniz/FETHİYE, we would like to give you some information about our hotel.
Location Of Hotel Asena Beach
Asena Beach Hotel; is situated in Oludeniz,which lies at the heart of South west coast Turkey,the area is known as the Turquoise Coast of Turkey most probably due to it's incredibly blue waters and sun drenched beaches.The hotel is only 200 m away from the beach.Dalaman airport is 65 km way from Oludeniz. Hotel Asena Beach is most memorable hotel when Oludeniz comes to mind,with it's comfort,high service standarts and it is most populer one a trademark with all the qualities you would expect from a vacation.
Rooms Of Hotel Asena Beach
Total number of rooms 139 with 320 capasity of beds;
-129 standart rooms (Single-Dbl/Twin –Triple)
- 9 family rooms,
- 1 handicapped room.
There are Split A/C, minibar, hairdryer, balcony, WC & showers, Security box, Satellite TV, telephone in each room with garden, pool and amazing mountain view selections
.Safety-deposit box: There are fully electronic safety boxes in each room. Safety deposit box is operated by usig personal code numbers. This boxes can be used with a small charge of £ 2 per day.
Air-Conditioning / Heating Units: Split air-conditioner is avaliable in each room and including the price. It is operated by using the remote control located by the side of the headboard.
Satellite TV: There are 24 channels from music channels to sports and news channels of 4 different languages.
Telephones: Direct calls can be made to anywhere in the world via the phone provided in your room - priced same as phone box.
A variety of food carefully chosen from the Turkish and world cuisines which are suitable to all kinds of palatial tastes are prepared in our modern kitchen and served at our open-buffet. Local drinks and imported drinks are served at 2 different bars.
Garden Main Restaurant (Open Buffet):The open buffet dinner is served at “Garden Restaurant”. This is an open air restaurant and Occasional Theme nights take place here.
There is an option for our B&B guests to change their board basis into Half board by the flexible dinner tickets at “Garden Restaurant” . You can choose the dates you would like to attend the dinner. Also there is a special offer in rates such as;Children aged 0-6 is free; 7-12 is half price. Also Kid’s Menu is avaliable for your young guests.
Garden Indoor Restaurant for Breakfast (Open Buffet):Continental breakfast is served at indoor restaurant between 07.30 and 10.00 am.
Garden Bar:, You can listen so many soft musics and serves from 08:00 till the early hours of the morning. All day and specially before dinner time you can drink so many apperatives,cocktails,and you can drink great wines under the sky with stars all night.You will find very beautiful romantic atmosfere with your partner.
Pool Bar : Hosts most of the late night entertaintment Open all day and evenings too. Large selection of alcoholic - non-alcoholic drinks and your favourite coctails are served here. It also hosts the daily entertaintment, and the organised activities such as water gym and water polo.
Also Snack Service is available during the lunch time from 11:00 to 17:30 by the pool bar. It serves refreshments as well as delicious snacks
Activities And Facilities
Health Club: Sauna room, Fitness Center and Massage facilities will be waiting for you inside the Asena Beach Health Club.
Sauna room and Fitness center facilities can be used free of charge at any period of during the day time.
Kid’s Club: We think children are a real treasure and our mini club will become an entertainment centre where you will be able to leave your 4-12 years old children in security and which our small guests would not like to leave.
It is open between 10:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 16:00. The Kid’s Club involves fun games, drawing, videos and much much more… Come and join our friendly, safe environment Kid’s Club here at the hotel.
Maid Service: We try to maintain an environmently – friendly service whereby you decide whether you require the dailey cleaning Maid-service or not. Please display the ‘’DO NOT DISTURB’’ sign when cleaning service is not required. Please be aware that linens and towels are changed twice weekly.
Laundry service: Laundry service is avaliable. By fiiling the laundry form in and bringing it up to reception with the items before 5 pm and you can take it back in 24 hours time.
Doctor: 24 hours on service. Health insurances accepted.
And much more.
Hotel Asena Beach, with its own special atmosphere, offers you the mysterious beauties of the Mediterranean shores.
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Wish you have a nice Holiday!
Hotel Asena Beach Team