Sunday, 19 August 2012


Ramazan Bayramı is the three-day holiday that follows the end of the holy month of Ramazan. (Here are the dates.)

Called Eid es-Seghir in many other Muslim countries,Ramazan Bayramı (sometimes called Şeker Bayramı[sheh-KEHR bah-yee-rah-muh, "Candy Holiday"]) starts at sunset on the last day of Ramazan, and celebrates the completion of the holy month of fasting.

In Turkey, it is an official national holiday. On the last day of Ramazan, most offices and businesses close after lunch for "preparation" (arife, ah-ree-FEH). The three-day holiday itself begins at sunset on that day, and lasts until sunset on the third day.

Offices close for the half day of arife and for the three days of holiday.

Museums, archeological sites and similar visitor sights close for the first full day of the holiday, but are usually open on the second and third days, and may be particularly busy with visitors. Special lower holiday admission fees may be in force.

On the last day of Ramazan Bayramı, transport may be busy as holiday travelers return home.

In Turkey, Ramazan Bayramı is a time for sending greeting cards to friends and loved ones, paying visits, and enjoying a lot of sweets. Everyone enjoys drinking lots of Turkish tea and coffee in broad daylight after the 30 days of daylight fasting during Ramazan.

We wish you healthy and beautiful holidays!