Saturday, 17 December 2011

What Kind of Nourishment Should We Have Whilst on Holiday?

When the summer comes, a lot of people go to holiday destinations all around the world. They make use of the summer and its sidekicks, the sea, the beach and the sun, and even at the all inclusive hotels with their food buffets and unlimited alcohol. You find that you put on weight on top of what you already have, and then it takes an endless amount of time to get rid of it all, even though you just did not know how the time flew on that 1-2 week holiday, and where all that weight came from. So how can we have a healthier holiday but yet enjoy it?

You can find food and drink 24 hours a day in most hotels (see our blog on how hotels get their stars, and you will find that it is a Standard for having 24 hour food service in a hotel that is 3 stars and above.). Thinking like this also gives positive results, as you dont need to think about getting hungry. And once you know what is going on in the hotels, you can easily burn all the weight that you are gaining by taking full advantage of the facilities that are available to use everyday. For instance swimming in the pool or sea, even taking a leisurely stroll on the beach are very good ways of burning fat, and fun too!

Another important point to be considered within the all inclusive system is fluid consumption. Those who are thirsty, quench their thirst with alcohol at the best of times because it is included in the all-inclusive system. However, due to the chemicals inside alcohol, the body needs to push it out of the blood, which turns it into fat. Whilst on holiday, a female needs to consume at least 2.7 liters, and a male at least 3.7 liters of water everyday. The amount is more for those who are over the height-weight ratio.

It is recommended that you make at least an hour of sports everyday whilst on holiday. The actions that we do at work in our lives could be measured up as the same as one hour of sport everyday. For this reason, there are plenty of things to do with the animation team during the day that are fun and energetic and fantastic in ways of exercise. For those of you who think leave me be, im on holiday i can eat and drink and do what i want and what i dont want ori’ll eat here, and then ill start exercising when i get back home.. DONT!!People are more at risk of having a heart whilst on holiday in hot countries with all the luxurious drinks than they are at home.

We wish you healthy and beautiful holidays!
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