Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Internet Reviews Are Now Very Important.

Over the past few years, modern technology has helped endless amounts of guests in hotels all over the world share their opinion and knowledge of hotels and of the local area on online review websites, such as TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck etc. Not only does this help people to choose a hotel to book or even an area to visit, but also helps employees in the Sales and Marketing Department in hotels to make decisions in regards to any changes that the hotel needs, including any prices that need to be altered, to offer to agencies around the globe, and walk-in prices.

Internet Review sites must be used correctly. They offer the users and future holiday makers a chance to know everything about the hotel, including what to expect before they get there, any information in to what the hotel and the surrounding has to offer, and also a chance for the Executive board of the hotel to read any comments and suggestions for improvement of the hotel that is required, to be discussed and put into action if necessary.

The Executive board pays attention to any suggestions and comments that are made by guests very closely. A source of this is the internet, whether they are positive or negative comments. This is so they can shine a light in the right direction of any improvement or investment required within the hotel. However, when making these reviews, it is important for the reviewer not to make personal comments, and more pro-active ones. For instance. For someone to write a review with the heading: “Really bad hotel, don’t go!” is not productive for the reader, nor for the Executive Board of the Hotel. When someone writes this, they don’t include the important things, i.e.: what is the hotel missing? What was it that you found was not value for Money? Were the standards of service perfect? What would you improve if it was your Hotel? These are just an example of the sort of questions that the executive board still scratch their head on in the meetings when reading the reviews and discussing them with one another. The board would have a much easier time in to making sure you had a fantastic time at the hotel if their questions were answered, in order to give the highest Standard of service.

Below is described how nations all over the world make their comments on the internet.

The European Guest mostly takes note and reviews about Room cleanliness, variety of food, diet buffet, service quality, beverage quality, hygiene, A la Carte Restaurants, noise pollution, and the friendliness, cleanliness and productive service of the staff.

The Russian Guest does not really go too much in to depth of the hotel, but more basic lines which include variety of food, the amount of seasonal fruit available, comfortness of room, the quality of the drink (i.e. how many bottles of vodka is available!!) and the activities of the Animation/Entertainment team.

The Turkish Guest have a completely different expectation from others, and they show this by focusing mainly on the way a structure is built, the food quality and variety, the broadcasting and quality of music being live or recorded, the behaviour and attitude of the staff and examples of them being positive and negative.

Happy Reviewing!

We wish you healthy and beautiful holidays!
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