Tuesday, 3 January 2012

When Should One Make an Early Booking?, When Does It Start? When does It Finish?

These are the 3 questions that everybody is interested about in terms of early reservations. When do they start, when do they finish and when should one make an early reservation?.

What is an Early Reservation?

Being the Summer or Winter holiday season, everday more and more people are taking advantage of the campaigns produced by hotels and travel companies by making early reservations. This is a strategy favourably used by more luxurious / quality hotels. Turkey have evaluated this as an oppurtunity to offer cheap, discounted holidays, to bring more income in the countries economy, and realised that in actual fact, The Early Reservation system works in favour of everyone. Both Hoteliers and Holidaymakers have realised that this is the best chance of enjoying a summer/winter vacation.

When should you make an early reservation?

As with everything, we need to make sure that things are done in time. However soon you can make a reservation the better. The campaigns offered by hotels are reduced as rooms fill up. Because of this you should make holiday plans as early as possible.

When do early Reservations start, and when do they finish?

Early reservations campaigns can start up to a year before the required season for your holiday. The best months to book for summer holidays are December, January, February, March and April. However, this can change. For example, if the quota of rooms has not been reached, then the hotel may carry the campaign on in May, and even throughout the entire summer season. However you should never depend on this, as you may miss your chance to get an early reservation, and in the long run, a cheaper holiday. But in some cases you may find that you will see low cost campaigns instead of increased prices.

Our Advice: Book as soon as you have made your mind up about a holiday to avoid dissapointment.

We wish you healthy and beautiful holidays!
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